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Zoom Teeth Whitening In Los Angeles, CA

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A bright smile gives you a youthful glow and allows you to present yourself with confidence. Unfortunately, daily habits such as enjoying a morning cup of coffee or a nightly glass of red wine can add up to stains that detract from your beautiful smile. Although the grocery store shelves are lined with at-home tooth whitening products, it is common to discover that these are simply ineffective. Using them wrong can also lead to oral health issues such as irritated gums that can cause more problems for your smile down the road. This is why it is always best to visit your dentist for aesthetic concerns, and all it takes is one trip to your Los Angeles dentist for a touch up with the Zoom! Whitening system to have you ready to flash your pearly whites with confidence.

You Deserve a Healthy, Beautiful Smile!

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How Does Zoom Whitening Work?

When you arrive for your tooth whitening appointment, you will simply relax in the chair while a special gel is applied to the teeth that you need to be treated. While some people need the entire arch to be whitened, many only need the first few teeth in the smile zone to be lightened up. This is because their placement exposes them to more stain-containing drinks and foods, and the teeth that are further back tend not to be seen. Hydrogen peroxide is the active ingredient in the whitening gel, and we use a special light to break it down. As the Zoom! light breaks down the hydrogen peroxide, it allows oxygen to penetrate the enamel and dentin in your teeth and bleach the stains. The best part about this treatment is that it does not damage the surface of your teeth like abrasive whitening pastes can. Since the structure of your teeth stays the same, you never have to worry about your whitening treatment causing harm.

What Are The Benefits of a Professional Whitening Treatment?

Patients prefer Zoom! Whitening because it has been proven to provide more dramatic whitening effects than at-home treatments. This is because the special light increases the effectiveness of the whitening gel by 26 percent or more in most cases. This means that you can achieve teeth that are eight times whiter than you can get with using home treatments alone. After your Zoom! Whitening, you can use our home bleaching system to maintain your results. A few more of the benefits of Zoom! Whitening include the following:

  • Immediate and noticeable results that are up to eight shades whiter than your teeth before
  • Fast appointment times with most people in and out of our office in 45 minutes
  • Longer lasting results than at-home treatments provide
  • Better outcome since a dental professional can ensure that your whiter teeth look natural
  • Greater comfort and no pain during and after your whitening treatment

In Los Angeles, a gorgeous smile is one of your biggest assets for putting your best face forward. When you find yourself embarrassed by stained or discolored teeth, give our family dentistry office a call so that we can get started on a Zoom Whitening consultation that transforms your smile.