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Adams Family Dentistry is a great place to have dental work done. I have been a client for well over 3 years, and I can tell you through experience that Dr. Khalili is friendly but overall, her dental work is done with quality and precision. The staff is patient and renders great customer service. Highly recommended!

Robert Pena

Doctor Khalili’s office is family oriented. Their focus is on the total well being of the patient and doing the job to perfection. I am very happy with the care and end product. I will recommend them to anyone.

Ella Carter

I was introduced to Dr. khalili by a dear friend. I appreciate Dr Khalili $ her services. She was very honest about what treatment was good for me . She is very personal & kind. She explain everything to me before she did anything. Also she is very concern about her patients. You never have to wait to long for her to help you, I like her because she is very friendly and professional.

Mrs. Green

Approximately five years ago I was introduce to Adams Family Dentistry by a friend. I was searching for a dentist and office staff who would make me feel welcome yet served my dental needs professionally in a safe, secure, friendly environment. This and so much more has been my experience at Adams Family Dentistry. To go in to details about the gentle professional care that this difficult Senior’s mouth is presently receiving would take pages. Thank you Dr. Suzanne Khalili and staff. My heart and mouth are filled with gratitude for the difference you have made in my life. If you need a special family dentistry…visit Adams Family Dentistry.

Nina Alexander

More than 10 years ago I had an accident that rendered me with several medical problems; some were more severe than others. Among those problems was my dental health, the accident had left me with most of my teeth damaged, I consulted several dentist in my area and all of them agreed that I should take my teeth out and surgically install implants to replace them; that was something I did not want to do especially because back then I was only 20 years old and I could not fathom the idea of having to use false teeth.

One day I was driving near the University of Southern California when I saw a dental clinic called Adams Family Dental clinic, I knew that after explaining what happened to me and what other dentists wanted to do to my teeth, he/ she will want to do the same thing; just pull them out. Dentists seem to enjoy that.

I decided to give this dentist a try, as soon as I walked into the clinic I was greeted with friendliness by the staff I have never seen in another dental or any other kind of clinic. Soon after I was introduced to the dentist, Dr Suzanne Khalili I was right she also wanted to pull my teeth out but, she was professional and caring enough to explain why my teeth had to come off. However, she said, (“OH I liked the sound of that” I said) I can try to repair them but I don’t really know how long they will last; from that phrase the only thing I understood was that I get to keep my teeth.

The process of repairing my teeth was long but worth it, because now more than 10 years after my teeth are still working as good as the day she finished repairing them.
I know now several dentists, but I had never met somebody who pays attention to small details, to perfection in the simplest job, to be professional and caring at the same time as Dr Suzanne Khalili is.

I guess I am one of the lucky ones who have a good professional dentist who cares about my dental hygiene, she also takes care of my families’ and now every chance I get I try to refer my friends and co-workers to my other long time friend the dentist Dr Suzanne Khalili.

Aron Murillo