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Porcelain Veneers in Los Angeles, CA

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A veneer is a very thin shell used to cover a surface – just like an expensive wood veneer on a piece of furniture. In the case of porcelain veneers, these wafer-thin shells are no thicker than a fingernail. They are permanently bonded to your teeth. The veneer can be color-matched to your teeth if you are not having them applied to all your teeth. Veneers can be applied to a single tooth or to all of your teeth. Each is custom shaped and fitted as it is applied.

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Why Do I Need Veneers?

Teeth typically become yellowed or greyish with age. Tea, coffee and red wine are notorious for leaving stains that whitening may not be able to remove. Medications and injuries can result in embedded stains that whitening can’t remove. A veneer can cover the stained tooth completely. In addition to problems with staining, you may have a noticeable gap between some teeth, especially in the upper front. A tooth might be chipped, which can affect the appearance of your smile. Although a veneer can’t correct crooked teeth the way braces do, if the problem is minor, a veneer can make one or two teeth look straighter.

Why Porcelain?

You have two choices for veneers – porcelain or resin composite, which is a type of plastic. Both are effective, but porcelain has some distinct advantages. First, they last longer than resin veneers. Less of the natural tooth must be removed to place a porcelain veneer, which means your tooth is stronger. Porcelain veneers look much more like natural teeth, as they have a translucent sheen very like healthy dental enamel. If you are only covering a single tooth, the veneer can be color-matched so that it looks just the same as your natural teeth. Veneers are slightly more expensive, however, and must be made in a dental lab, so the process may take a little longer.

What’s the Procedure Like?

The first step in making porcelain veneers is for the dentist to make a mold of your teeth. The mold is then sent to a dental lab, where a technician creates the veneers using the mold as a pattern. Next your dentist will clean and buff your teeth to make the surface ready. A small amount of enamel is removed in this process (otherwise the veneer would make your teeth thicker than they naturally are). Each shell is checked for shape and fit, modified if necessary and then permanently bonded in place with a special glue. Expect to need at least two appointments, especially if you are having multiple teeth done.

Your smile affects the way people perceive you. Veneers can improve your looks and make your smile the best it can be. Please contact us for an appointment with Dr. Khalili.