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Pediatric Dentistry In Los Angeles, CA

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Our Adams Family Dentistry office is delighted to help families encourage healthy smiles at an early age. We know that the earlier parents start with helping their child form a relationship with their dentists makes a major outcome in the health of their future smile. This is why we go above and beyond to make sure that our youngest patients feel comfortable from the moment that they walk into our office.

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How Is Pediatric Dentistry Different From Adult Care?

Dr. Khalili always takes a gentle approach with every patient, yet kids love her bubbly personality and ability to help them relax. Our staff only uses the gentlest techniques on young patients, and we have special tools that are designed for smaller mouths. Since many kids are naturally apprehensive about dentistry, we encourage parents to bring their children in for a first appointment before there is a problem. This allows us to keep that first visit light and friendly. While Dr. Khalili will perform an oral exam, this visit is the perfect time for kids to get to know our dental staff as we talk about things such as proper tooth brushing techniques with them and their families. We find that it is often the smallest touches such as having toys in the waiting area and encouraging kids to hold a stuffed animal in the chair that helps them form good memories of their time at the dentist. If a problem with a tooth is found such as decay, we can treat it using kid-friendly techniques that minimize any discomfort. We also love talking to parents about any concerns that they have such as a worry about a baby tooth hanging in too long or questions about how they can best prevent problems such as gum disease and decay.

When Should Kids Have Their First Pediatric Visit?

Ideally, families should visit our Los Angeles dentist as soon as that first baby tooth comes in and preferably before their child turns one. This allows your baby to begin getting used to seeing the dentist before those childhood fears arrive. If it is later, then that is still okay. We see children of all ages, and it is always a good time to get that first visit scheduled. For young children, parents are encouraged to hold their child in their lap while the exam is performed. Older children may even start to ask to go to their exam alone where they can practice talking to their dentist about their oral health care needs. Either way, our pediatric dentistry techniques involve helping children be comfortable and proactive about their oral health care.

Regular dental visits are important for keeping those little teeth strong, and healthy baby teeth pave the way for better oral health as those adult teeth arrive. Make sure to give your child a head start on enjoying a healthy smile for a lifetime by arranging for their first pediatric appointment at our dental office today.