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Dental Crowns in Los Angeles, CA

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One of the premier services offered here at the Adams Family Dentistry is that of dental crowns. The dental crowns we offer will help to return the natural shape and structure of your tooth. When one or more teeth within your mouth become structurally weakened to the point where they are unable to function properly without support, dental crowns offer the support necessary to revive your tooth to its natural state.

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What Are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are basically caps placed on teeth that are shaped just like the tooth to appear as natural as possible. Not only will the shape and size of the tooth be restored, but the overall strength of the tooth will be increased as well. The crowns are cemented into place and are made to cover the entire visible portion of the tooth. Once put in place, only a dentist can remove it. There are four basic types of dental crowns to choose from, all of which can be fitted at our Los Angeles dentist by Suzanne Khalili D.D.S.

Ceramic dental crowns are typically utilized in the restoration of front teeth. These blend well into the tooth. Porcelain crowns are fused to metal, offering a very strong and durable structure that will last for quite some time. Base metal alloy crowns consist of metals that are very resistant to corrosion, making them a good fit for a long-lasting solution. Gold alloy crowns are also available. These crowns are unique in that they don’t fracture and won’t cause wear on the tooth. As opposed to veneers, dental crows cover the whole tooth. If properly maintained, the crowns provided here at Adams Family Dentistry can last a lifetime.

Dental Crown Procedure

The dental crown procedure is a rather simple one. It begins with the drilling of a hole the size of 1-2 millimeters within the surface of the tooth. This helps to create a strong core. Once the hole has been drilled, the crown of your choosing will be placed over the core, which acts as a replacement for the tooth that’s been damaged or weakened. Cement is then placed around the crown to make sure that it stays in position at all times. The end result is a natural looking tooth that is difficult to tell apart from the rest of your teeth.

Benefits of Dental Crowns

The primary benefit associated with dental crowns is that they allow you to restore your smile to a full and healthy state, improving your appearance and boosting your confidence. These crowns will also strengthen your weakened teeth, providing you with the means of chewing food better. Additional benefits provided by requesting the placement of dental crowns include

  • The covering of a dental implant
  • Attaching bridges
  • Covering any discolored teeth in your mouth
  • Helps to protect the weakened tooth from tooth decay

This is just an example of some of the benefits provided to you by dental crowns.

If you’ve noticed the presence of some weakened teeth in your mouth, call us today for your initial dental consultation. We’ll help you identify if dental crowns are right for you.